Friday April 26, 2019

Live Updates

2019-03-14 -

LAUNCH UPDATE - Best laid plans...AMIRIGHT? We have identified and fixed all the minor issues and one of the three major 'bugs'. We have invested 108 hours on this so it was not a minor fix, apparently. We are pushing boundaries to Re-Launch ASAP. We will update when we enter the final test phase, before we launch publically. #CountDownToLaunchDay #TMinusSoonish

2019-03-04 -

A big THANK YOU to our "Bug Hunters" for being tasked to find any and all "Bugs" in our newly minted site. While the team completed this task on time, they also documented the bugs thoroughly and in some instances provided potential fixes. There were a few minor ones and 2 major ones. We are patching these bugs right now. We are hoping to fix the code and launch later today. Stay tuned!

2019-03-01 - has been launched on our test server! Thank you to the small team of volunteers that are testing the site over the next 72 hours. Our development team will be fixing issues that may arise. 99% DOWN...1% to go! We should be ready to go live on Monday, as we 'March 4th' into our next bright chapter.

2019-02-11 - will re-launch on or before February 28, 2019. We are sincerely sorry for the delay. We hit many obstacles over the past 2 months. Our development team was down with the flu, which accounts for much of the delay, along with some other challenges that have pushed back our launch date. When we re-launch, we will be coming back with the following features: Restaurant and Business Directory, Business and Restaurant profiles, Traffic Cameras, Movies, Events, Local Gas Prices, and our Blogs.

A rebuild/re-boot has been tough on our business and we are trying to look for the silver lining. Our silver lining is having the ability to re-start and remove all of the out-dated information that we collected over the past 10 years. When we return, our information will be current and fresh. We will be adding businesses and restaurant listings to the site manually. If you are not a current member of, please call us at 905-231-0408 ext. 104 and request that you are included in the new web site. Thank you for your continued patience and support over the past many months. We are anxious to return to our community.

2018-12-10 -

We are testing some of the features in the Business and Restaurant Directory. We were hoping to launch this by December 10, however, we will need to work on it a couple of more days. Some of the profile features are not 100%. We would like to have this fixed before going live. Sorry for any inconvenience.

2018-12-07 -

Over the past few months we have been redeveloping our site. It has been a massive undertaking. We are pleased to announce our Business Profiles will be back online by end of business on Monday December 10, 2018. We are sorry it is taking so much time to get our site back up and running. The damage was extensive and we are rebuilding from the bottom up. Thank you for your continued support and messages of encouragement. We will announce on here when they are ready to view. More modules will follow...

2018-09-24 - suffered severe data corruption damage in August when we migrated servers. All efforts to recover were met without prevail. Our plan to redevelop was put on the front burner immediately, although prematurely.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching sections as they are completed. We appreciate your patience during this rebuild.

Our first section to roll out is our Municipal Elections Coverage area. This channel has always been a hit with viewers, as we endeavour to keep our coverage neutral, and open up opportunities for candidates to connect with voters.

Please monitor this section as we rebuild our site. Thank you for staying with us over the past 10 years!

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