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Tuesday July 17, 2018 



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Taste of Ajax - Guest: Sophia Bishop of TIFIDIN Tea Talk
Coffee Talks Roadshow 


After a brief hiatus we are kicking off the 2015 season of the Coffee Talks Roadshow with a series of podcasts from the Taste of Ajax held August 15th, 2015 in beautiful Ajax Rotary Park. 

Episode Notes

Sophia Bishop of TIFIDIN Tea Talk joins Brian Evely on this episode of Coffee Talk; and she brings some delicious loose leaf iced tea with her. TIFIDIN is an acronym for "Think It, Feel It, Do It Now". As the name suggests, TIFIDIN is a company that motivates people to be the best they can be. With a select line of customizable gifts available for personalization and corporate branding, TIFIDIN offers a creative way to motivate employees, say thank you to customers, educate youth and to start community conversations. Drawing from her counselling background, Bishop discovered early on how powerful words can be, "Words can make or break us," she explains, "I have realized that, in counselling, it did not really matter your age, your race, your intellect; you tend to believe what you are told over and over again." Embracing the potency of words, each of TIFIDIN's products comes with an empowering statement enclosed in beautiful keepsake packaging. Clients may also customize the enclosed statements to reflect personalized messages. TIFIDIN Tea Talks is a way of enhancing your life through conscious thought. Its very motto is "Living the Examined Life". Each loose leaf tea is composed of organic elements to promote health and healthy living for your body and your mind. Each tea comes with a message to reflect and meditate on. Hosted Tea Talks are life-style enhancing programs to be enjoyed one-on-one, in small groups or up to very large groups. For more information on Tea Talks or any of TIFIDIN's products please contact TIFIDIN at, 31 Barr Road Unit 8, Ajax, 1-888-918-1115. Join TIFIDIN for their grand opening on September 20, 2015 between 2-4 pm. 



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