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Tuesday June 19, 2018 



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Guest: Eric Emanuel, of Ericís Driving Academy
Coffee Talks 


In this episode Brian Evely sits down with Eric Emanuel, owner of Ericís Driving Academy, Pickering Village, Ajax. From guest speakers to private road lessons and more, find out what makes Ericís Driving Academy so unique compared to other driving schools in the area. Discover what the benefits are for taking your driverís education with a highly accredited academy. So plug into this podcast, grab yourself a coffee at the drive-through and sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Episode Notes

ē Introducing your guest, Eric Emanuel of Ericís Driving Academy.

ē A unique form of curriculum, Ericís encourages the parents to take an active interest in the education of the new driver.

ē Ericís Driving Academy has been located in the Pickering Village for more then five years.

ē The bulk of Ericís students are enrolled by referral, which speaks volumes about the quality of driver education that the Academy provides its students.

ē The parentsí schedules are taken into consideration when booking the studentsí lessons.

ē Ericís Driving Academy, its instructors and its course are Ministry certified.

ē Ericís Driving Academy is listed on the Ministry of Transportationís website as a Ministry approved driving academy.

ē For the convenience of its students, Ericís Driving Academy has two locations Ė Suite 224, 40 Old Kingston Road in Pickering Village AND 845 Westney Road South Ė both are recognized by the Ministry of Transportation.

ē Course covers the Ministry guidelines: 20 hours in class, 10 hours in car and 10 hours of homework equaling 40 hours of instruction for each student.

ē Homework instruction books are supplied to all the students.

ē A well-organized, interesting course that incorporates strong PowerPoint presentation modules to assist in keeping the students interested.

ē The PowerPoint presentation is almost like a video game Ė students spend long hours each day in the class room at school, when they come to the class room at Ericís Academy, they find the multimedia makes the learning fun, dynamic and interesting and very hands-on.

ē Ericís Academy will provide guest speakers to teach selective portions of the course like a member of the police force, insurance companies, safety industry providers, even your very own AjaxPickering.caís publisher, Brian Evely, has guest taught at Ericís Academy!

ē All of Ericís in-car lessons are private so that the focus is 100% on the student skills.

ē One-on-one learning is key at Ericís

ē Ericís offers Gold, and Silver packages Ė each of these packages include a certificate to show your insurance company for lower insurance rates.

ē With the Gold package at Ericís the student is provided with a car for the road test so as not to use the family vehicle.

ē This is advantageous to the student as it is the car in which the student learned to drive and is thereby, most comfortable.

ē The instructor accompanies the student to and from the road test.

ē For the road lessons as well as the road test in the Gold package, Ericís provides a student pickup and drop-off service as well so as to accommodate the schedules of the rest of the family.

ē With the Gold package, Ericís will book the studentís road test.

ē The one Gold package caveat hinges on safety: if the student is not ready for the road test, Ericís will not provide the vehicle nor will they book and attend with the student. This ensures every student of Ericís Driving Academy is road-ready.

ē At the end of the program, if there is a student who is not ready for the road test, the parents will be informed of the matter and extra lessons will be assigned.

ē Ericís Driving Academy has an 85 Ė 90% passing rate (rate varies between classes).

ē Ericís classes cater to all types of drivers: the new driver, the teenage driver, the immigrant driver, the adult driver and the senior driver.

ē Mini-packages are available for those drivers who would like to brush up on their skills. (please note that mini-packages do not include the insurance certificate)

ē Benefits of attending Ericís Driving Academy: 1) Become a Safe Driver 2) Save Money on Your Insurance (up to a 40% discount!) 3) Go for Your Road Test Four Months Earlier Ė G2 in 8 months not 12.

ē All driving schools are Ministry approved, but not all are created equal. There are approximately 150 different driving school curriculums available. Rest assured you are taking one of the top curriculums with Ericís.

ē Ericís Academy offers a unique approach to guarding against bad driving habits right from the beginning.

ē All of Ericís cars clean, smoke free and have dual brakes, which are safety checked every six months.

ē Check out or call 905-427-7109

ē Payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Cheque, Debit, American Express, and Discover.

ē Installment, pay-as-you-go plans are available.



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