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Tuesday June 19, 2018 



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Guest: Marsha Dooley, Jones-Dooley Insurance
Coffee Talks 


Your host, Brian Evely chats with Marsha Dooley, of Jones-Dooley Insurance, about home and auto insurance as well as her positions as the President of the Pickering Village Business Improvement Area (“BIA”), an Ajax Rotarian and a member of Harmony Highway. Learn how changes in the Ontario Accident Benefit affect your auto insurance and discover what you should be aware of in your home insurance policy. Lastly, get to know the woman behind Jones-Dooley Insurance, find out what the Pickering Village BIA is all about and explore what the Ajax Rotary Club does for Ajax and Pickering. Grab your java and plug in quick - there is a lot to cover in this very caffeinated episode of Coffee Talks. 

Episode Notes

• Introducing your guest, Marsha Dooley, Jones-Dooley Insurance and President of the Pickering Village Business Improvement Area (“BIA”).

• Why do we need insurance and how have houses changed over the years to warrant house insurance?

• What is the number one claim for house hold insurance and how does this affect you, especially in Ajax and Pickering?

• How to balance risk with deductibles.

• What do you need to know about auto insurance and how has it changed over the years?

• Auto insurances vs medical insurance – what you need to know.

• Learn about how the Provincial Government of Ontario restructured Ontario Accident Benefit to prevent fraud.

• How can insurance companies drop prices on multi-line packages?

• Afraid to make a claim because your premiums will go up? What you need to know about making insurance claims.

• Learn about the lady behind Jones-Dooley Insurance – Meet Marsha Dooley.

• Jones-Dooley Insurance of Pickering Village, Ajax, Ontario.

• Meet Marsha Dooley, President of the Pickering Village BIA.

• What does the BIA do for Pickering Village, Ajax?

• What are the boundaries of Pickering Village and thereby, what are the boundaries of the BIA?

• What does the BIA do for the businesses in Pickering Village?

• Visit for more information.

• Marsha is part of the Ajax Rotary Club who is responsible for the Pickering RibFest (one of’s premier events!) first weekend of June every year – common out!

• In Ajax, Rotary is responsible for the annual Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast which is also tied into Ajax HomeWeek - be sure to check it out!

• Marsha has been 15+ with a 4 piece barbershop harmony group called Harmony Highway and actively preforms at the Pickering Village Tree Lighting and many other events in the area.

• Marsha gives a salute to our veterans.

• How to get a hold of Marsha – Jones-Dooley Insurance at 103 Church Street 905-427-3595 , Harmony Highway at and the Pickering Village BIA at


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