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How does AjaxPickering.ca get traffic?

We are much like any other viable business and it is necessary to promote your business to the community. We utilize the  following methods.

  • Preferred Google Placement
  • Easily found on Search Engines
  • Direct mailing
  • Postcards
  • Facebook
  • Special events
  • Affiliate program
  • Referrals

When we launched September 2008, AjaxPickering.ca received just over 34,000 page views in our inaugural debut.
Since then, AjaxPickering.ca has gained in popularity and has become a source for local information, traffic camera data, and movie listings.

In April 2009, we broke the 100,000 page views/ month milestone. In May 2009, our page views climbed to over
250,000/month! In July 2009 AjaxPickering.ca recorded over 300,000 page views for the month, pushing us over another monumental milestone.

Get started today and get the benefit of guaranteed results! We lower the risk to you and raise the level of accountability placed on us.

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