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AjaxPickering.ca Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage local spending within our community borders. We are devoted to our community and provide a positive environment for local business, cultural, community based organizations to connect with the community in which we all serve.

We challenge our visitors to Click. Uncover. Discover what makes Ajax and Pickering such a great community to live, work and be entertained in.

Our Story

AjaxPickering.ca launched to the public on September 1, 2008. In our first month we received just over 34,000 hits - mostly from the local community. Our traffic has increased as our popularity has increased. In January 2009, our traffic surpassed       90,000 hits with over 20,000 unique visitors returning to our site several times throughout the month. In July of 2009, we surpassed the 300,000 page view milestone.

Our commitment to the community...

We strive to improve our service to both our endusers and our business members, daily. Our commitment to improve the traffic to our business community stems from our belief in the trend to shop local. Keeping local business, local. By offering affordable promotional solutions to all businesses found within the geographic area, while shielding competition from neighbouring municipalities.


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