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Over 2.58 million Reasons to Become a Member.

With over 2.58 million page views in 2009, AjaxPickering.ca is fast becoming a valuable community resource for our readers and a great promotional vehicle for businesses.

Our goal for the first year was to build traffic. Our focus now is to open our web site to businesses and community organizations to assist in promoting your business.

We currently have a great business directory and restaurant directory set up and ready for you to list your business. In the near future, we will be adding a community directory to address the needs of our community partners and associations.

Membership has its privileges.

  • great marketing and advertising exposure
  • access to our group health benefit plan (plans start at $8/month)
  • discounts on web development, business printing and more
  • ability to offer discounts to other business members

the list grows...

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