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Thursday June 21, 2018 

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Ajax and Pickering, ON

Judy D. Gaw, Independent Associate
Telephone: 647-884-0504
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Here's my story ...

The first week I wore my socks I did not notice anything, however, my husband made me aware that I was not using my heating pad in the morning to get myself somewhat going in the mornings.

The second week the pain was excruciating. I was ready to throw in the towel. I spoke with a lady at Head Office and she explained that the same thing happened to her and asked me to bear through it. I went to my doctor who told me that my body was actually realigning itself. WOW!

To my surprise, I realized that I was not taking my medication anymore. I had been on morphine, fentanyl, the oxycodone group and nothing seem to touch the pain. I suffer from a ruptured disc, 2 fused together, scoliosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, a blood clot and sciatica down my right leg.

The next thing I noticed was the fact the I kept tripping on my cane. Petrified of falling and after 25 years of walking with a walker/canes I no longer use them to aid in my walking.

As you can see, I am not just a VoxxLife Qualified Associate, I am also a VoxxLife client. With my health issues in my rearview mirror am I free to live a more independent and active life. I am truly blessed to be able to share this product with people in similar situations, to assist them on the road to recovery.

Our products are also suitable for those who are athletic and require stability and balance when they are active.



VoxxLife Athletic Stasis Socks will take your athletic performance to new levels. With the best finish and greatest feel of any socks you have ever worn, VoxxLife socks provide an incredible fit along with all performance benefits of Voxx HPT technology. Available in knee-high, mini-crew and no-shows you can have the right Stasis socks for any activity.

Also if you have to wear another sock as a part of your uniform you can still have the benefits of Voxx HPT with our Stasis Liner socks. They are thin enough to be worn under any other socks and still give you the performance edge in your game or activity.



Its time to get serious about your wellness. If you want and need the most comfortable, seamless, non-binding sock for everyday wear, this is the choice for you. Stasis Wellness Socks with Voxx HPT is the greatest Wellness socks ever made. Imagine what the best wellness socks in the world could possibly do for you? Deliver more energy? Yes! Improve balance and stability? Yes! Help with pain relief? Yes. Be safe and recommended for diabetes sufferers? Yes! Be non-binding socks that don’t fall to your ankles? Yes! Have extra padding on the bottom for ultra-comfort? Yes! The future of wellness is spelled S-T-A-S-I-S. Get yours now!


Not feeling the Athletic or Wellness socks everyday? We get it. Sometimes you need a little ‘stealth’ living your VoxxLife. That’s why we made the Stasis Liner socks. These breathable, super thin socks can be worn by themselves or under any other sock so you can always have the Voxx HPT benefits.


Lack of stability and balance account for 95% of foot and back pain issues. VoxxLife insoles with VoxxHPT optimize the users stability and balance at the nervous system. Find relief from those aches and pains with drug free proven technology.



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