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Saturday March 17, 2018 

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McKay Wellness

McKay Wellness

53 Underwood Drive
Brooklin, ON
L1M 1H7
Yvonne McKay
Telephone: 905-655-7254
Web Site:
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By Appointment - call today 


By Appointment - call today 


By Appointment - call today 


By Appointment - call today 


By Appointment - call today 


Emergency Appointments Only 


Emergency Appointments Only 

* Hours may change during holidays or special occasions. Please contact McKay Wellness for specific information.


“It’s all about you – Integrating mind, body & spirit”


Yvonne McKay, of McKay Wellness, is a therapeutic counselor and spiritual guide promoting self-mastery through a wide variety of modalities customized to fit the individual. 


A former nurse of 23 years, and a mother of 3, Yvonne brings a broad spectrum of healing techniques to the table to assist children, adolescents, adults and seniors.  Where most forms of treatment will force a patient to conform their needs to fit a particular therapy, Yvonne’s skill set is so vast that she is able to draw on a number of healing modalities to craft a treatment program which is conformed to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the client.  A truly holistic approach to address and treat life impacting events like:


  • ABUSE – Physical, Mental, Sexual & Emotional
  • GRIEF – Loss, Death, Life Change
  • GUIDANCE – Life, Emotional & Spiritual Growth
  • PAIN – Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Individual, Marital & Family
  • TRAUMA – Physical, Mental, Sexual & Emotional


While Yvonne will compile a treatment program from an expanse of modalities, McKay Wellness focuses its mainstream treatments on the following techniques:


  • Aura Balancing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Counseling
  • Nutrition
  • Pleiadian Lightwork
  • Yoga


A strong, compassionate and talented healer; Yvonne McKay will not only customize a therapeutic program to help you to heal yourself, she will teach you how to master your well-being.


Take back control and balance your life, call McKay Wellness today!




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