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Sunday October 22, 2017 

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Community Buzz in Ajax and Pickering

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Wrap-up on the 3rd Annual AjaxPickering.ca St. Patrick's Day Event

3rd Annual AjaxPickering.ca St. Patrick's Day Event

St. Paddy's Day at Grizzly's with AjaxPickering.ca








Just over a mere month ago the staff at AjaxPickering.ca was madly finishing the final preparations on what was expected to be a very big St. Patrick’s Day Event.  Little did we know that almost a month after the date we would be finally wrapping the post-mortem on what has turned out to be the largest St. Patrick’s Day Event hosted by AjaxPickering.ca to date:

AjaxPickering.ca's Publisher enjoying an Irish breakfastHappy 3rd Annual Post-St. Patrick’s Day with AjaxPickering.ca!

With March 17th, 2012 falling on a Saturday, it meant that our St. Patrick’s Day Crew had an early morning start.  Not to worry; not a single complaint was uttered when it was suggested that we meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Fox and Fiddle Mansion, Pickering, in order to have our call-to-arms meeting over a traditional Irish breakfast, done buffet style.  On bellies full and happy of eggs, bacon, cornbeef hash, beans, fresh fruit and, of course, coffee (LOT’S of coffee) marching orders were handed out.  It was going to be a full day – 9 pubs, 15  hours and only 1 photography crew, 1 videography crew and 1 anchor.

At the Portly Piper 3rd Annual St. Paddy's Day on AjaxPickering.ca

St. Paddy's Day at the Black Bear with AjaxPickering.ca









Over 1,500 photos and more than 30 hours of film later, AjaxPickering.ca wishes to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the event.  If you missed the link on the front page of AjaxPickering.ca for the event photos, you can simply click here to see what an awesome time was had by all (this link for the 2012 event will be active until we release the lineup for 2013):   

 Photo link http://www.ajaxpickering.ca/stpattysday/

St. Paddy's Day at Irish Times with AjaxPickering.ca


St. Paddy's Day at The Courtyard on AjaxPickering.ca





To the residents of the communities of the Town of Ajax and the City of Pickering, it is your participation in events like this that makes what we do at AjaxPickering.ca so rewarding. We would like to take the time to thank all of our staff, volunteers, participants, business partners and YOU for making the 3rd Annual AjaxPickering.ca St. Patrick’s Event the best yet!

 The Edge Lounge on St. Paddy's Day 2012 with AjaxPickering.ca

Magwyers St. Paddy's Day 2012 with AjaxPickering.ca








Stick around folks, we have already started to plan 2013’s St. Patrick’s Day Event; after all, it’s less than a year away – SLAINTE!

3rd Annual St. Paddy's Day Event with Fionn MacCool's and AjaxPickering.ca

As always,it's free to be a member of AjaxPickering.ca. Sign up to be a member and keep up-to-date on all the events happening in and around our home town. There is a lot to be had in this little place we call home and with AjaxPickering.ca you can Click, Uncover, Discover the Town of Ajax and the City of Pickering all in one place. Stay tuned for information on our SummerFest 2012 line-up! 

A special shout-out goes out to our AjaxPickering.ca St. Patrick’s Day Event 2012 Pubs, for without their cooperation, assistance and AWESOMENESS this even could not happen: 



Fionn MacCool's on AjaxPickering.ca


Fox and Fiddle Mansion on AjaxPickering.ca


The Portly Piper on AjaxPickering.ca


Grizzly's Bar & Grill on AjaxPickering.ca


The Black Bear on AjaxPickering.ca


The Courtyard on AjaxPickering.ca


Magwyers Pub on AjaxPickering.ca


IRISH TIMES, Pickering

Irish Times on AjaxPickering.ca


The Edge on AjaxPickering.ca


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