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Tuesday October 17, 2017 



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Interview with Gloria Dowden, Consultant with Investors Group Pickering

Gloria DowdenIt has always been a rule of thumb in business to put yourself in your client’s shoes.  Gloria Dowden, Consultant with Investors Group Financial Services Inc., 313-1550 Kingston Rd. Pickering, has done just that.    She started her financial portfolio with an Investors Group Consultant in 1993.  That Consultant saw her through her life’s milestones.  

This aspect of being a Consultant resonates with Dowden’s passion; growing ongoing relationships with each client.  From marriage to mortgage, birth of a child to putting that child through university, retirement to dealing with a divorce or an estate, Dowden says having a financial advisor is “a relationship that carries you through all these aspects of your life.  What I do is help people reach their financial goals and incorporate that with their personal goals.  That is the aspect of the job that I like.” 

Dowden believes heavily in providing value to each client’s life and this begins with a solid financial education for which she is well trained.  A former teacher, Dowden also spent time in pharmaceutical sales where she brought value-added service to physicians and ultimately their patients.  Now she problem solves with people who have financial concerns, acting as a pathfinder for clients to assist them in avoiding repetitive problems.  Through education and a gentle but a firm guiding hand, she is able to help these clients look forward to a financially secure future.

“The majority of Canadian boomers feel they are not ready for retirement,1” says Dowden, who believes very strongly that getting young people started early is the key to their financial success as adults.  “Statistics show that people who have a financial advisor, no matter what income level they fall in, show a greater net worth than those who do not have a financial advisor.2 I think with the economy the way it is, people really need stability and this is why people need to know the whole picture.  Knowing what they can do with their mortgage, knowing what kind of insurance might be necessary, knowing whether (they) can do cash analysis, simply educating (themselves) to manage a cash flow; by looking at these critical areas together, it changes the financial picture entirely.  A financial advisor who has been there throughout it all when ‘life happens’ will readjust your plan to make sure you stay on target for (achieving) your goals.”  Dowden goes on to explain that no matter what age group you fall into, it is always good to learn.  She is able to assist students with student loans or a savings account and educate them with their cash flow even if they only have a part-time job. 

“Investors Group is more than just investing,” states Dowden.  While she is not able to assist with house or car insurance, she is able to manage everything else.  “We work as a team.” 

Through her region office, Dowden has access to a team of specialists in the various areas of wealth management, which allows her to put together a full financial portfolio package. She clarifies her role as the following: “Primarily, an advisor is there for advising.  And I find a lot of people have misconceptions about what we do.  I see my role as looking at someone’s whole financial picture and helping them to make their goals a reality.” 


Gloria Dowden
Investors Group
Pickering Regional Office
313-1550 Kingston Road
Pickering, ON  L1V 1C3
(905) 831-0034


1 Investors Group “When I’m 65” poll, Oct/Nov 2010, online survey conducted by Harris/Decima.
Source: Ipsos Reid “Canadian Financial Monitor”, special analysis for IFIC, 2010. 

This is a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities.  Gloria Dowden is solely responsible for its content.    For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an Investors Group Consultant.

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