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Tuesday September 26, 2017 



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Alleyne’s Grooming for Men


Grooming in the heart of Historic Pickering Village

The Classic TreatmentAlleyne's Gentlemen's Grooming Centre is the pinnacle in male image consulting, personal styling and counseling.  Most spas and salons today are geared towards the female population in the choice of music, ambiance, services, colour, décor and staff; at Alleyne’s, it is all about the man.  Offering gentlemen’s esthetics like manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and massage by a Registered Massage Therapist; this is the place for the modern man to feel comfortable while being pampered.  Everything at Alleyne’s is geared towards a masculine customized whole-self grooming process known as Alleyne’s “G” Experience.

Cardinal Newman was the first to articulate that “men” and “women” should be referred to as “gentlemen” and “ladies” and that both sexes needed to work on being healthier mentally, physically and spiritually.  In 1805, Truefit & Hill took this credence to heart and started the first barbering service.  At the time their clients consisted only of the Royal Family but soon barbering caught on and Truefit & and Hill opened a shop for all gentlemen.  Heavily steeped in tradition, barbering is one of the oldest; most respected European professions to exist today.  Traditional barbering focuses on the betterment and health of the gentleman in mind, body and soul, and it is this noble profession that Brenton Alleyne practices at Alleyne's Gentlemen's Grooming Centre, 80 Old Kingston Road, Pickering Village, Ajax.


Originally educated in advanced strategic marketing, Brenton spent seven years promoting a successful high-end urban clothing line.  Mingling with famous personalities during this period, Brenton learned the meaning behind the phrase “image is everything”.  As he matured, he moved out of retail and expanded his image consulting experience; first practically by becoming a certified life coach and then spiritually by being ordained as a minister.  As his experience became more and more diverse, it was evident that Brenton was born to be a traditional barber.  Starting at the age of six in his mother’s salon, Brenton was preformed his first gentleman’s hair cut at the tender age of thirteen.  Years later, Brenton went on to train at Truefit & Hill’s Toronto location.  By combining his trade with his marketing and spiritual expertise, Brenton had found his niche – he has become the perfect traditional Victorian Era barber.


Brenton points out that a gentleman’s image includes his personal development, “we need to build on the essence of who [we] are.”  He goes on to list four areas that men should focus on beyond their physical health:


1.         Mental health

2.         Emotional health

3.         Spiritual health

4.         Financial health


“My goal is to help men manage these areas,” Brenton indicates, “I am skilled in helping people achieve their goals for their lives.  It is my talent to work with them in any area and to assist them in capitalizing on their strengths.”  Alleyne’s hosts social nights for gentlemen to meet and learn how to expand their skills for maintaining the health of their relationships, time management skills and community involvement.  There are feature nights when the women in the lives of the male attendees are encouraged to participate in seminars geared towards understanding the male perspective.  Both genders benefit greatly from these sessions, finding the intricacies of their relationships becoming less clouded.  Lastly are Alleyne’s seminars where the participants become the leaders.  “This is My Story” focuses on the experiences of the individuals in the group, how they coped with pitfalls and how they soared with their successes.  This is My Story is designed to bring an understanding to the development and history of the individual.  These sessions are also open to both genders and both men and women find them enriching.


Imaging consulting at Alleyne’s veers away from the traditional and, instead, explodes in high-tech, futuristic science.  In order to accurately create a suitably flattering style for a client, a picture is taken of the gentleman, as are his body measurements.  This information is then used to create his very own personal avatar.  By using the avatar, Alleyne’s develops a plan of action for the client’s image focusing on everything from colour schemes and flattering cuts, to fashion lines and styles.  Everything is geared to compliment the individual’s body frame.  An itemized product list is produced and either printed out for the client to use as a shopping list or the client may order in the merchandise from providers like Harry Rosen and pick up their purchases at Alleyne’s.  This is a very unique and convenient service.  The client is able to select everything from shoes and socks to overcoats and driving gloves.  Further, since the client’s information and measurements are on record, updating and maintaining his new image is a snap!  For the loved ones in his family, this helps to take the guesswork out of gift giving.


Based on Brenton’s personal motto of “our lives are a reflection of our thoughts – try to have fun”, Alleyne’s is available for private parties.  It is the perfect setting for stag gatherings, bachelor nights and wedding primping.  Or why not make a day of it and create your own special event as Alleyne’s can cater to themed parties, such as a Grey Cup or a Stanley Cup playoff party, with music and snacks and the waiting room plasma televisions tuned in to the game.


Being a client of Alleyne’s is more than just a shave and a haircut.  Here, they go beyond the hot towels, soothing lotions and straight razors.  Brenton encourages men to experience Alleyne’s “G” Grooming Experience; “expect the most delightful pampering experience you can have as a male.  Coming into Alleyne’s, you are going to leave with better confidence and you will look your best and feel your best.  We can transform Grizzly Adams into Mr. Adams, from the inside out.  Just take care of yourself – Come to Alleyne’s!”  After all, At Alleyne’s, barbering is the way it was meant to be.

Alleyne's Gentlemen's Grooming Centre
Contact: Brenton Alleyne
80 Old Kingston Road, Pickering Village - Ajax L1T 2Z8
Tel: 905-239-8946
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