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Tuesday September 26, 2017 



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Business Buzz in Ajax and Pickering

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Pickering Village Motors

Situated on the southeast corner of Church Street and Kingston Road in Pickering Village, Ajax, Pickering Village Motors has been the go-to place for area residents looking to purchase motorcycles, scooters and used vehicles since 2006.  Mike Glancy, Mark Wigglesworth, Sam Solomon and their team offer a complete, full-service purchasing package.  Pickering Village Motors not only has a good selection of vehicles to choose from, but they are finance specialists who service what they sell.  “We do everything the big, new car dealerships do, we just do it in a smaller way,” Mike explains, “We do all the financing, leasing, and service and warranties that they have, but [we are] smaller.”  This allows Pickering Village Motors to take a more personal approach, customizing the sale of the vehicle to the customer’s financial circumstances.  The high level of client-care that Pickering Village Motors demonstrates, has won them the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Used Car Dealer two years in a row.


The bulk of Pickering Village Motors business specializes in used minivans, SUVs, and small cars listed at $10,000 or under.  At any given time you will find 45 – 50 used vehicles on the lot to choose from.  Working on the standard “buy, sell, and trade” basis, of most used car lots, Pickering Village Motor’s well-qualified sales associates help you, the purchaser, secure the best option for your wallet.  Mike has been known to take in trade just about anything from clunkers for scrap to motorcycles, trucks and boats; if he has a buyer for it, he will trade for it. 


Since Pickering Village Motors can also establish financing or leasing terms on their used cars, they are able to assist customers who otherwise would not be able to purchase a vehicle.  “We are finance specialists,” Mike describes as he demonstrates the online leasing tools available to Pickering Village Motors, “We have on-the-spot financing so you can come here and we do everything.”  Through their long-term relationships with many financial providers, Pickering Village Motors is able to quickly secure credit for most individuals who would not otherwise qualify such as the self-employed, fixed income or poor-credit buyer.  “We have different lenders for different situations.  We do get good results and people are sometimes really surprised,” Mike states. 


Pickering Village Motors offers warranties on all of their used cars with plans that vary from one to three years.  Mike describes the benefits of purchasing a warranty on your vehicle, “If you are getting a car loan to buy your car and you don’t have a lot of money in your pocket, should something go wrong, you have peace of mind and protection for a few dollars a month.”  When you are financing your vehicle with Pickering Village Motors, it is only a couple of extra clicks to add the warranty to your finance agreement, but what you are adding is security.


Most individuals will purchase a used car once every three to four years.  Those same individuals will get that used car serviced three to four times each year.  Pickering Village Motors has its own onsite mechanics to help you maintain the life of your purchase.  Mike describes what makes Pickering Village Motors different from other used car dealerships, “We have our own mechanics so we service what we sell.  A lot of used car lots don’t have their own mechanics.  When you buy a car from us, should you take it somewhere else for service and they tell you it needs a whole lot of stuff, you bring it back to me because I want to see it.  We just don’t sell them in that condition. When they leave here, they’re good.  You buy a car, you have a little glitch, you bring it back to us and we fix it right away.”  This standard of quality is available to businesses as well.  Should you be a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, or is looking to expand a fleet, Pickering Village Motors offers competitive purchase pricing and customized service plans for fleet maintenance.  This way, your company may take advantage of Pickering Village Motor’s superior knowledge and customer service.


Pickering Village Motors sells more then just used cars.  You will find a variety of new motorbikes and scooters also available for purchase.  With well-respected brands like Kymco, Tomos, Hyosung and Ural you can make your purchase with confidence knowing that the onsite mechanics can assist you with maintaining the operation and safety of your new bike and scooter.  When you buy a motorbike or a scooter with Pickering Village Motors, you do not have to look for anything, anywhere else.  The onsite pro-shop offers all of the accessories to go with your new vehicle such as helmets and alarms.  Further, Pickering Village Motors can explore financing options on your new motorbike or scooter to help you with your purchase. 


If customer service is at the heart of any company’s repeat business, then referrals are its lifeblood.    Pickering Village Motors takes pride in its repeat business.  Many customers have purchased multiple motorbikes, scooters, and cars from Mike’s lot and those customers are quick to refer Pickering Village Motors to their friends.  “A couple of hours ago, I got a referral from a guy that I sold a Malibu to and he had [previously] sent somebody from his apartment building to me who bought a car.  He just called me and said that his wife’s boss needs a car for her daughter and do I have any good cars under $10,000.  I said that they’re all good and they’re all under $10,000.  That’s two referrals from one client!” Mike exclaims.  The bulk of Pickering Village Motor’s business is by word of mouth.  “Organic” referrals such as these only occur when a business excels in its product and service.


“Seventy-five percent of our business is local, and we take care of our clients,” Mike accounts for Pickering Village Motor’s success.  Pickering Village Motors is a good community citizen giving back to the area with events such as their summer Saturday Hotdog Barbeques to raise money for local charities like the Lion’s Club.  With a strong community presence, organic referrals, experienced onsite mechanics and servicing, it is easy to understand how Pickering Village Motors has carved a niche market that most used car dealerships cannot tap into.  


Pickering Village Motors

599 Kingston Road West

Pickering Village

Ajax, ON  L1S 6M1


Tel:  905-686-6928

Fax:  905-686-0497

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