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Friday April 28, 2017 



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The Harmony Center - Martial Arts Center

Bearing a 25-year history and 5 years ago renamed the Harmony Martial Arts Center, the school now incorporates more Eastern philosophies into its teachings.  Promoting a sense of empowerment, the martial arts help you to become a better person.  Sensei Raymond Ata, Certified IKA Shotokan Karate Instructor and co-owner of the Harmony Martial Arts Center, instructs his classes to work daily on improving oneself.  Students enrolled in Karate, Taekwon Do or Kick-boxing at the Center, and their parents alike, are encouraged to follow the 5 simple rules of the dojo at home and in school, making them a part of their lives:


1)      Each must seek perfection of character;

2)      Be faithful;

3)      Endeavour;

4)      Respect others;

5)      Refrain from violent behavior.


A well-padded regulation dojo floor is home to more then 200 students of all levels of the types of martial arts offered. The Center employs only the top instructors in the area, those who are 4th-degree and up.  Some of these instructors have been practicing their discipline for as long as 20 years.  It is because of this quality that the Harmony Martial Arts Center has been named the Best in Durham.


Sensei Ataís programs encourage disciplined behavior. The focus taught in karate helps children in their academics, however, should a studentís grades fall, the Sensei will work with that student to refocus.  Most importantly, belts are earned at the Center, not simply given to a child at the end of a class cycle.


Sensei Ataís programs focus very intensely on anti-bullying techniques.  Working on the mentality that violence will not detour a bully, students are instead encouraged to stand beside the person being bullied.  This will encourage more to stand with them.  Facing a crowd of disapproving peers does more to defuse the bully and prevent future episodes then fighting does. Should a student provoke violence and disgrace karate by fighting, the Sensei will discipline that student by taking away earned belts.  In order to reclaim the belts, the student must then re-earn them.  This increases the studentís level of respect for the art of karate, as well as enforcing responsibility for oneís actions.


Sensei Ata practices the Harmony Martial Arts philosophies himself by actively training in karate three times a week at a dojo in downtown Toronto.  The Senseiís instructor is a 9-dan master [a dan is defined as a level or a rank].  Karate the philosophy of when you earn your black belt; it is only than that you start to truly learn.


Contact The Harmony Center
1095 Kingston road
Pickering, ON L1V 1B5
(behind Part Source, inside Air Zone)
905-839-FITT (3488)

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