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Friday July 20, 2018 



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Business Buzz in Ajax and Pickering

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AjaxPickering.ca is revamping to serve you better.

AjaxPickering.ca announces new and improved website to be redeveloped and launched in the coming weeks. Check back for more details closer to the launch day.

"We are overhauling our entire site to better serve the needs of our online community", said Brian Evely Publisher of AjaxPickering.ca. "We have made it a mission to better understand what content our viewers would like to consume when visiting our site.", Evely continued.

The new AjaxPickering.ca will have many new features and bells and whistles. It will be mobile friendly and will retire the IOS app as the company streamlines further.

Stay Tuned for more information. The revamp is scheduled to be completed in January 2018

During this period, some content will be discontinued and removed to make way for the newer content forthcoming.

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Business Buzz - AjaxPickering.ca AjaxPickering.ca is revamping to serve you better.



Who talking about your business? Is your service provider being talked about?


Business Buzz - AjaxPickering.ca AjaxPickering.ca is revamping to serve you better.

Buzz is more than placing an ad in the paper...
Let the Buzz Builders at AjaxPickering.ca work for you.

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