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Sunday October 22, 2017 



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Massey's Restaurant

Massey's Restaurant on AjaxPickering.caA well-known Pickering gem, Massey’s has served its famous Steak on a Kaiser since 1965 to the residents of Pickering.  Visitors from Toronto to Port Hope and as far north as Port Perry will make the trip to Pickering for the savory fare that is Massey’s forté.  Known for its homemade food, this establishment takes pride in not using a microwave and any mention of Massey’s would be remiss without a nod to Friday’s special of hearty split-pea soup. You will be hard pressed to find a powdered soup or sauce mix here as everything is made from scratch.

A family owned and operated restaurant since the beginning, Don Argiro’s father and a business partner worked hard to put Massey’s on the family-friendly culinary map. When the partnership dissolved in 1989, Don stepped up to become his father’s new partner. “We are part of a dying breed: owners-operators, family run, father, grandfather, son, daughter and wife,” Don wistfully declares over a steaming cup of coffee.  “We are multigenerational and we cater to multi-generations.  Kids we used to serve, now bring in their kids and their grandparents.”

Nostalgia is on the menu at Massey’s where guests are greeted with anecdotal black and white photographs of a Pickering long past.  Some of the photos belong to the Argiro family, others are from the Pickering Historical Society and the residents of Pickering graciously donated the remaining.  These memories strategically pepper the walls to be enjoyed by diners relaxing in the comfy booths or luxurious high backed cane chairs in the solarium window.

Massey’s tie to Pickering does not sever at the restaurant doors.  ‘Charity begins at home’ is a policy that Don quickly adheres to.  “We rarely turn people away,” but Don cautions enterprising fundraisers that Massey’s is quicker to endorse the local grassroots charities that are often overlooked then larger, more popular organizations.  “We really appreciate the Durham Seniors; my family and I support the [Pickering] Historical Society; and we have a few adult and children’s sports teams like baseball and hockey.” Don lists, “We support Dragon Boat teams too!”

Massey’s:  Where are you eating tonight?

Contact or drop by Massey's Restaurant
774 Liverpool Road
Pickering, ON L1W 1R9
(905) 839-5758

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