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Wednesday October 18, 2017 



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Liberty Tax Service, an interview with Cheryle Braithwaite

Cheryle Braithwaite, Liberty Tax Pickering as found on AjaxPickering.ca







Death and taxes; two occasions that strike fear in the hearts of the greater portion of North American society; however, in the Liberty Tax Services office at number 8, 1550 Kingston Road, Pickering, there is a lady who loves to do taxes!  Cheryle Brathwaite, owner of the First Pickering Place location, is this lady.  “For me, the reason I do this is I like taxes.  It doesn’t feel like work.  And why I like taxes is because I like numbers, not math, but numbers and I like dealing with people … so for me, it’s the perfect mix.”  With more than 25 years of experience behind her and Bachelor's Business Administration Degree with a post-graduate in Public & Tax Administration, Braithwaite is a Tax Specialist. 

Liberty Tax, Pickering, first opened its doors for the 2004 tax year in January of 2005.  When asked what sets her office apart from other tax services, Brathwaite replies, “Customer service; for us, people really matter.  When somebody comes through the door, I’m aware that they are coming in with concerns.  People are scared of stuff they don’t know.  For me, taxes are my thing.  For instance, when something is wrong with your car, you go to the mechanic and you hand over your keys, expecting them to know how to fix it.  When people come into a tax office, they have the same expectations.  They expect the agent to know the tax rules and for the agent to fix it.  These people find taxes just as intimidating as I find fixing my car.”

Most preparations are completed within an hour while you wait.  Brathwaite further suggests it can be beneficial for a person to remain with her while she completes an individual tax return as sometimes there might be deductions or benefits the client has not thought of.  If more information is required, a client will be notified of what exactly is needed to complete the tax return.  Liberty Tax Services specializes in individual, small business’ and small corporations’ returns.  Brathwaite cautions though that a corporation’s return generally takes a week or more to complete depending on its size and the provision of all required information. 

At Liberty Tax Service, all the agents work for you. Plus, their work comes with a guarantee – Satisfaction or money back.  “We also represent you in the event of a CRA review or audit of a return prepared by our office,” explains Braithwaite.  Clients appreciate this service and come back year after year.  Brathwaite loves to see repeat customers and she views this as her report card.  “We try to make it fun.  Yes it’s a serious business and this does not affect our professionalism – but it is supposed to be painless.  So if you are coming in here, it’s your taxes, don’t be afraid to ask me anything.  I’m available all year, not just during the tax season.”  During tax season, Braithwaite is in the office every day of the week, off-season, she is officially available four days a week but she is often still in the office Monday to Friday.  “I joke that I live here but it’s really not far from the truth.  I like what I do so it’s not a burden.” 

So why use Liberty Tax Services?  Brathwaite sums it up perfectly, “We care about what we do [and] we take responsibility for what we do.  In the rare occasion that we make a mistake, we stand by you.  We represent you with Revenue Canada, and we provide service throughout the year at no extra cost.”

Cheryle Braithwaite, Liberty Tax Pickering as found on AjaxPickering.ca


Cheryle Brathwaite
Liberty Tax Services
8-1550 Kingston Road
Pickering, ON  L1V 1C3
(905) 837-0829

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